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Scuba Diving


For beginners that want to experience diving for the first time.

This is how your diving career starts. With this program, you will immerse yourself in the underwater world. You will see many colorful corals and fishes in their natural habitat. You will start the program in the pool, and next you will take a dive in the Open Water.

For this immersion program, you don’t go deeper than 30 to 36 ft (10-12 m).

Take it to the next level and ask your instructor for the PADI certification!


personal assistance Personalized assistance At all times you will be guided by our certified staff
technical exercises_ Theoretical information You'll learn the basic information for a safe immersion.
pool diving Basic pool skills We'll explain in the pool all the procedures and indications as a real open water immersion
water Purified water

You will have water available at all times

full equipment Full Equipment

Wetsuit, fins, boots, mask, jacket or BCD, tanks, and regulator

open water dives Open water dive You'll be ready do dive in the barrier reef with our certified instructors


dock fee Dock fee Is mandatory to pay this federal tax for maintenance $8 USD
technical exercises_ Reef tax Is mandatory to pay this federal tax for conservation $7 USD
food Food This activity doesn't include any food

Tour Itinerary

1. Scheddules
  • You can choose between:
    • 9:00 to 12:00 hours.
    • 10:30 to 13:30 hours.
2. Pick Up

The pick-up time depends on where you are hosted. But it is easy to calculate your pick-up, depending on the distance could be around 30 to 45 minutes, so if you select 9:00 hours you can calculate the pickup time around 8:20 to 8:30.

3. Check In
9:00 or 10:30
Once you arrive at our marina you need to check-in, this process takes around 15 minutes. We'll check your reservation number, personal id, and payment status. We recommend paying online for faster service.
4. Induction
9:15 or 10:45
Our staff will introduce themselves and give a brief explanation of what the experience consists of, as well as safety instructions. During this time you can change your clothes and leave your personal values in the lockers.
5. Departure
9:30 or 11:00
At this time we must be ready on the boat, the emotions begin. Relax and enjoy the view.
6. Immersion
10:00 or 11:30
Between the time of transfer to the dive site and preparation of the equipment, you will be ready for the dive.
7. Diving
1 hour of diving

To fully enjoy the oxygen capacity of the tanks you should relax, you are in good hands.

Remember that the diving time can vary and depends only on your breathing.

8. Return
11:00 or 12:30
During this time you will be able to get fresh water and fruit.
9. Dive Log
11:30 or 13:00
Once on the dock, you can take a shower and register your immersion as a process of PADI Certification.
10. Drop Off
12:00 or 13:30
You will be ready to return to your resort or meeting point. Remember that this process will be similar 3 more times for the certification.

Frequent Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions?
  • Personalized assistance
  • Technical exercises
  • 4 Open Water dives
  • Full equipment
  • PADI Certification
How deep will we be diving?
How long does the oxygen in the tank last? Accordion description i
Can I dive if I had a recent operation? Accordion description i

Departure Dock Location

Dive it! Mexico

We are located at the dock of Ocean Maya Royale Resort.

Carretera Federal Chetumal, Km. 299, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R.

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